...How do I get voiceovers
delivered electronically by email
and internet file transfer?

Answer... Simple ! operates in association with these websites:

All voice and production assignments from these
websites are deliverable in a variety of ways.


The fastest and most direct delivery involves email
messaging, with MP3, or small WAV files "attached" to the email.

While audio files above one to two megabytes might not pass routine internet email addresses, smaller audio files (under one megabyte) are easily deliverable using this method.

(Customers should check with their Internet Service Provider and email account provider to determine the upper limit on email size restrictions.)


When audio projects are too large for email, or need to be
accessed quickly from the internet, a Download Center is provided for secure file transfer. This is especially accommodating when clients need access to files from multiple locations without the hassle of emailing all locations.

A secure internet web site is provided, with "normal click to listen" and "right click to save" capability. There is generally no additional charge for this delivery option.

Of course, primary (or backup) CD delivery is always available,
and overnight charges may apply

It's as simple as that.

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